Dushanbe City

LLC DMI "Dushanbe City" carries out its activities on the basis of the license for banking operations of the National Bank of Tajikistan.
The main direction since 2007 is acceptance of payments by means of the payment system of own development, "Express Pay". Payments are accepted through its own network of terminals and agents. Today, "Express Pay" provides services on acceptance of payments in favor of more than 200 suppliers of the services listed below:

  1. Cellular operators
  2. Landline phone services
  3. Internet service providers
  4. Payment of customs duties and taxes
  5. Public services
  6. Repayment of loans and replenishment of bank deposits
  7. Replenishment of ewallets
  8. Foreign cellular operators and service providers etc.

ATMs and terminals

At the moment, Dushanbe City DMI has its own network of over 2,000 terminals, the widest ATM network of over 500 ATMs, professional staff, its own fleet of vehicles and agents to accept payments.


Since 2016, DMI Dushanbe City has been actively developing its banking sector and ranks second in terms of the number of bank card holders. Also, partnership agreements were concluded with more than 50 foreign service providers.
In 2017, the company acquired and launched its own card processing center, organized an emission center and became a member of the SPC "Korti Milli".
In 2018, the first mobile application from Dushanbe City was launched - DC Wallet, which has more than 1 million active users.
In 2020 MDO Dushanbe City continued its development in several directions at once. It developed its own loyalty program DC Bonus, which included more than 40 partners representing various brands in the Republic of Tajikistan. Also the merchant and internet acquiring direction was developed. Now there are more than 600 partners in Dushanbe City for trade acquiring and 30 partners for Internet-acquiring. All partners of trade acquiring have been installed modern POS-terminals with the ability to connect the functions of the cash register. In the same year, in different points of our capital, "Dushanbe City" MDO opened its first automated banking service centers (ABSC), thanks to which our clients can seek help from our specialists in emerging issues, get access to their money and pay for services through Express Pay terminals. There was also created a new direction of work with legal entities, DC Business and developed new products. These products included.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version):

  1. Trade acquiring
  2. Depositing at ATMs
  3. Cash ordering
  4. Salary project
  5. Billing
  6. Business-cashback
"Dushanbe City" is also actively involved in the social life of our country. Our company has repeatedly been the general sponsor of Dushanbe Summer Fest and a gold partner of Tajikistan Fashion Week. Foreign cellular operators and service providers.
In the fall of 2022, a brand new online wallet from Dushanbe City - DC Next - was introduced for the first time, featuring an updated design and improved functionality. Some of the main innovations of the application are: payment for public transport, a new way to pay and recharge the City Card via NFC, and expanded interaction with the Dushanbe City card.
To this day, the MDI "Dushanbe City" makes its own contribution to the development of the banking sector in the Republic of Tajikistan and makes every effort to improve financial literacy among the population.
MDI "Dushanbe City" ranks second in the number of holders of payment cards in Tajikistan

NBT Statistics
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