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Rent a car with a follow-up purchase

Annual interest rate — 28% Loan term up to 36 months Payment method — an annuity Collateral — gold Loan amount up to 100 000 somoni

Airline tickets

DC Avia

Choose and buy tickets at the best prices at DC Avia


DC Insurance

A wide range of insurance services from car insurance to medical, property, etc.


DC Trade Finance

We provide clients with a wide range of innovative business solutions, products and services that meet and exceed their financial needs. Whether you are an importer or exporter, DCBank can help reduce the risks inherent in international trade.
For trade finance inquiries, please contact us at


Cooperation with government agencies

Automated management and accounting systems in Barqi Tojik, Pamir Energy, Dushanbe City Mayor's Office, Khujand City Mayor's Office, and integration of the Customs Committee with the Ministry of Finance


City Card

Comfortable transport fare payment. Top up and manage your City Card balance in DC Next and pay for public transport immediately in the app


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Now, you can cash your money, top-up your wallet, and get your card at our new office at
41 Tillo Pulodi St.

You can also identify QIWI and Yandex wallets and get free DC Next identification.

The National Bank of Tajikistan is first Financial Literacy Festival went off quite well

A competition was held, gifts were handed out and even a job was hired.

Looking for a job? Jobs are out there!

Participated in the Careers Festival at the International Youth Forum at the National Library.

International Youth Forum career festival.


The National Bank of Tajikistan is first Financial Literacy Festival.


Dushanbe City Bank opens new office in Dushanbe.


International Youth Forum career festival.


Happy Victory Day!
May there always be peace and clear skies in the world!.